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Classrooms and Programs

We offer several classrooms and programs at Battle Creek Elementary.

We have four classes of all-day kindergarten and three teachers at each grade. We also have many support staff that work with classroom teachers and students.

Our teacher specialists teach students in the school on a rotating basis. Students in kindergarten through fifth grade attend classes for physical education, science and art. .

Multilingual Learning
Multilingual Learning (MLL) support is provided to eligible students in grades kindergarten through fifth by MLL teachers and bilingual educational assistants.

Academic Support
We have several staff members who assist teachers to offer more academic support for students.

Special Education
Battle Creek Elementary offers resources for Learning Disability, Emotional or Behavior Disorder Resource and Autism (ASD).

Autism Program
The Special Education Autism Program serves students in grades kindergarten through sixth grade with communication, sensory, social/emotional/behavioral, functional, academic and motor needs.