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First Grade

Our First Grade

First grade at Battle Creek is an exciting learning year. Our literacy focus is taught through the Readers and Writers Workshop Model, using Mondo Curriculum and district units. Our math focus is taught using the Everyday Mathematics curriculum. Fieldtrip opportunities include the Como Planetarium and the Children’s Museum.

First grade’s environmental focus of Air and Weather is intertwined in math and literacy. The environmental questions that we will be answering are:

How does weather change? Why do we measure weather? What is air? How does weather change?

Learning Activities

  • Observing and recording weather and temperature
  • Creating a bar graph and analyzing the data
  • Experimenting with air
  • Constructing weather poems

We strongly believe in a partnership between the children, parents, and teachers. Parental support and involvement is encouraged and welcomed. Homework is another area that is very important to budding new learners.

We believe as a team that homework teaches responsibility, reinforces taught concepts, and encourages teamwork between parent and child. A part of your child's homework is to read every night for 15-20 minutes.

Please sign your child's school planner every night, indicating how long your child read.  Planners are a school-wide initiative for parent-school communication. Homework and announcements will be sent home weekly in the Friday Folders.  First grade is challenging, rewarding and full of growth!

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Titles: Capitol Hill PTO

Amanda Aadland

Titles: Nutrition Services Assistant
Locations: Global Arts Plus - Lower

Nathan Aadland

Titles: Facilities Data Coordinator
Locations: Como Service Center
Departments: Facilities, Facilities - Administrative Services
Phone Numbers:
School: 651/744-3752

Kareem Aal

Titles: Tchr - Social Studies
Locations: Murray Middle School
Phone Numbers:
School: 651/744-6190

Megan Aanonsen

Titles: Tchr - Kindergarten
Locations: Eastern Heights Elementary
Phone Numbers:
School: 651/744-6166

Nurelayn Abanesha

Titles: Specialist I - Community Ed
Locations: 1780 West 7th St - Disc Club

Bruce Abas

Titles: TA 1 - Discovery Club
Locations: 1780 West 7th St - Disc Club

Eden Abbai

Titles: Nutrition Services Assistant
Locations: Como Service Center

Steph Abbas

Titles: Social Worker
Locations: SPPS Online Elementary
Phone Numbers:
School: 651/744-6931

Grace Abbey

Titles: Tchr - Grade 5
Locations: St. Paul Music Academy
Phone Numbers:
School: 651/744-7890