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Our Science Classes

Our Science specialists teach students on a rotating basis for a 50-minute period. Students work on specific standards that vary with each specialists' curriculum. Students enjoy a variety of hands-on activities, and environmentally focused lessons.

Kindergarten Activities:

  • observing seasonal changes
  • trees
  • wood and paper
  • fabric
  • learning about the various types of defenses that animals use
  • recognizing and describing various animal coverings

First-Grade Activities

  • air and weather
  • balance and motion
  • pebbles, sand and silt
  • displaying and interpreting information in graph form

Second-Grade Activities:

  • solids, liquids and gases
  • reviewing seasonal changes and how they affect the environment and its inhabitants
  • studying the life cycles of insects, plants and animals

Third-Grade Activities:

  • physics of sound
  • earth materials
  • structures of life

Fourth-Grade Activities:

  • water
  • magnetism and electricity
  • human body

Fifth-Grade Activities:

  • understanding how changing variables can affect experiment outcomes
  • perform controlled experiments
  • investigate the use of simple machines